This Blog is dedicated to producing "beautiful" works of art.. *sarcasm intended* Please enjoy the black and colorful art.. You may use any of these materials... These will be produced daily.. Until i die..

15 October 2010

End of the line.. Please get off the train and retrieve any personal belongings..

Todae is the end of this blog.. Sad.. Cant continue on.. Cos no more ideas and its becoming hard trying to get everything done.. T_T I guess i cant cover two blogs at once.. anyway.. I had great fun drawing them and i hope you had great fun viewing them. Adios Amigo. =D

14 October 2010

There is no spoon.. Really.. dun bother looking...=D

WOOOOOOOOh.... YEah... There really is no spoon.. so dun bother looking.. Why? Because i said so! NYAHAHAHAH! Your expression is probably.. this.. O_O? or this ^_^ or =__="".....

Well.. There is no spoon.. It is a quote from the matrix.. nice film.. Makes you wonder.. Is it you who change the world? Or is it the world that changes you..Or do you need to go against the world to change it.. or is it just the whole world against you.. If you think the world is with you.. When you change.. The world changes too.. for you see it in a new light.. And then you'll think.. That there is no need for a change.. What i believe in.. I cant force others to believe in too.. No matter how brainwashed they are.. They will still retain that basic principle ever so present in them.. The fact that they are only human.

FLOWERS! I think i posted the water lily before.. but nvm.. POST IT AGAIN!

12 October 2010

OOOh... TMR... Is... THe..END!!

The end is near.. says Elijah.. Elijah of OPSS.. HOW TRUE IS THAT FOR ME!.. TMR THE STUPID PHYSICS PAPER AND ITS THE LAST ONE!.. I cant understand how i got this.. HOW I GOT TO THIS STAGE!! IM getting more and more excited.. Oh..yeah... Seems like only me and Hafiz going for the nanyang poly attachment program for school of IT.. only two seat for OPSS i think.. T_T... Oh... Ohh.. WOAHWOAH... GARH! I HAVENT STUDY FOR PHYSICS YET... Well.. FLOWERS!

11 October 2010


ME!! YES ME! GO ME! YAY ME! Im me! Everything's about ME!! WOOOH ME!! WOOT ME!.. ME GOING CRAZY! I LOVE ME! WHOSE me? Who are you? I NOE YOU! You're my Girlfriend! No.. not mine.. Is My's girlfriend.. You're not ME's Girlfriend.. Im ME! Wooh.. I cant help feeling crazy over little things.. NO JASON! THIS IS NOT THE TIME TO GO CRAZY AND ACT INSANE! THIS IS THE TIME TO NOE EVERYTHING YOU EVER NOE AND VOMIT EVERYTHIN OUT ONTO A PIECE OF PAPER!
Violets are blue.. I dunno wad to draw ordy... ^_^.

10 October 2010


Super arrow attack face! >>>>>>>>.<<<<<<<<<< GRAAARRhh!!! Flowers flowers everywhere... Step on them and I WILL SWEAR!!!!!! I love making poems up.. even if they dun rhyme.. It just let me pour all my emotions out.. No matter wad happens.. I noe now.. Why people blog.. It is to make others understand them in an indirect way.. Noe their feelings.. Noe their character.. Cos.. Blogs like Diaries.. They Cant Lie.

A New Flower todae.. Wads it gonna be? Guess.. OK.. Its a Violet.

09 October 2010

My life's like a boat..

YES!! MY LIFE'S LIKE A BOAT!! IT GOES UP AND DOWN AND SINKS WHEN THERES A HOLE! But.. My friends are my oars.. They keep me safe and keep my spirits high.. Cos when there are oars.. There are ways.. OOOPss.... Though sometimes they may buckle under my constant oaring.. They are nevertheless always there to keep me strong.

Tulips Arezx Nizee!!!!!!!

08 October 2010


but.. 2 daes later is a MOTHER****** MONDAE!!! Well.. nvm.. atleast i get to see my friends and im not cooped up in a comfy bird cage.. AKA.. my house.

OK.. I admit.. Im sad.. Its no use covering your eyes when you're crying.. cos tears do flow so heavily.. no matter how much tissue you use.. It'll just keep on flowing like a leaking tank. Until you put a stopper to it.........

Well.. My tank is full of invisible ink.. and it tends to run.. Like anybody cares.. Except one person i met on FB.. RAIN!! AKA CAM!! AKA CAMERON!! she's like the only person who seems to care about her friends.. she spammed my FB notification with anything and everything.. But im grateful for it.. She makes me feel that i am not invisible.. but i guess if we do ever meet.. I'll slowly.. slowly.... become invisible to her..